Matt has over 30 years of practical experience composing shots through a viewfinder. His roots begin in 1989 with medium format twin lens and 35mm SLR film photography coupled with advanced black and white darkroom experience.
With an expansive background in Information Technology, the transition to digital photography in 1993 was natural and warmly welcomed.

It wasn’t long before Matt worked in a color process photo lab and assisting a local wedding photographer, paving the way to providing professional services of his own.

Matt is not afraid to get down and dirty to capture the moment. His shooting style is photojournalistic and commonly referred to as candid and unobtrusive. With concentrated focus in Wedding Photography, portraiture, architectural photography and post processing, Matt has the required experience to deliver fantastic results.

Currently shooting with four full frame DSLR camera bodies, an array of luxury lenses and lighting rigs to tackle any challenge.

Over the years, Matt has shot with a variety of film cameras as well. Starting with a 35mm Minolta x-370 later graduating to a Minolta Maxxum 7000 handed down by his father. When he started shooting Medium Format film, his absolute favorite cameras to photograph with were the Mamiyaflex C2 twin lens and Hasselblad 500cm.

Aside from photography some of Matt’s other interests include: cooking, wine and beer making and fabrication topped by spending quality time with family – his wife and 3 children.

Matt McClosky

Matt McClosky